Friday, May 11, 2012

The Great Pretender 

I am not here to negotiate Her Grace with the Devil, nor am I here to inspire and delight in his hollow performances, as impressive and entertaining as they can be.

There is nothing he owns that is comparable in value to Her Grace.

By bringing Her light (symbolized by the number 19) to a world illuminated by starlight (symbolized by the number 17), Jesus elevated the world to illumination by moonlight (symbolized by the number 18). I am here to replace the Devil's moon with Her sun as the light of the world.

Considering that 17 (the star) is the symbol for Judaism, and 18 (the moon) is the symbol for Christianity, it is interesting that the symbol of Islam -- the orphan child of Judaism and Christianity -- is the moon and star; perhaps Muhammad believed that mating those two lights would breed Her sun.

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