Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Power Über Alles 

The Devil is the lord of consolation prizes -- of giving and accepting them.

Emperor Obama believes that each state should have the power to decide whether to remove homosexuals from the approved victims list! Heavens, he's wielding rainbows!

Jaime Dimon was forced to "humble" himself and admit that "mistakes" were made! Better world, here we come!

"His Holiness", the Prussian Pope, feels kinship to a trailblazing German woman that lived 900 years ago! Look out, disgraceful patriarchy, your days are numbered!

Each prize is customized for the fool, the definition of which is simply a stupid devil. Yes, of course, I am hateful, envious, impatient, unrealistic... join in if you know Satan's Litany.

The Devil does not fight for goodness and light; he fights against goodness and light, especially when he is disguised as an angel.

Two thousand years of consolation prizes, and counting...

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