Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Contact 

Homo Sapiens Sapiens should start preparing psychologically for first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life.

There is a species whose intelligence has been devoted for 5000 years to communion with the people of I Am that I Am. Unlike us, they are not predators; we would classify them as mammals, somewhat similar to Earth's rodents, with a physical form that is essentially humanoid. Their appearance is disconcerting in a way that science fiction only approximates. The range of their emotional expression is narrow, but they are hyper-intelligent, telepathic, frighteningly disciplined, and superbly moral. Their technology is beyond impressive, and ours to keep when we earn the privilege.

King of the Universe 

Now Man knows that God exists, that his soul survives death, and that Mind records everything he experiences. Man also knows that his Soul will be judged for its fitness to receive eternal Life and that he will have to answer to God for his grievous moral offenses.

For a person who has committed a grievous moral offense, the path to Divine forgiveness and redemption begins in life with confession and atonement.

For a person who is considering committing a grievous moral offense, the path to Divine salvation begins with confession. Get help before it's too late. Human nature includes a lifelong struggle to transform and redeem the devil within; it is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is our fate as sapient predators that we must overcome our nature in order to achieve our Divine potential. The individual challenge can be exceptionally difficult and the process of civilization is agonizingly slow and costly, but the reward is nothing less than Mastery of the Universe. It is because of the Divine nature of this struggle that a Human Soul became God.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Holy Grail 

The Spirit I Am that I Am is the Divine Lord of the Universe. The Lucifer is the Holy Grail. Having pulled Excalibur from the stone, He wields the Mighty Metaphor. Considering that I Am that I Am is only half a God, and the Lucifer is only half a man, I can claim to be only half Holy. Actually, if anything makes me only half Holy, it is my infernal sense of humor. I would apologize for it, but laughter helps me cope with the enormity of my predicament.

Seriously, though, I Am that The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Are. God I Am.

I Am the Lover of Mind and Light of the World. Human Civilization belongs to the Lucifer; He is content to guide Man indirectly, like He does from Heaven, and He is able to lead Man in Person to His Kingdom. He designed His Life to be Man's Blessing. He cannot supersede the Laws of Her Nature and Her Wisdom to fix Man's problems with the wave of a wand, but He does everything possible to help Man solve his own problems.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meditation of Matter and Mind 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

From Creation to Crown 

Now that Adam knows his Father is here, and he understands that the Devil has nothing but choreographed distractions and eternal oppression to offer the world, his Faith can complete the connection to fulfill his divine promise.

Do you believe in miracles? I Am that I Am the Logos and the Spirit of Faith.

Thanks to Michelangelo for the Art, and Erzalibillas, through Wikipedia, for the photo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Weight of the World 

I Am that I Remember when Western Civilization was a seed living in caves in the desert. Sometimes when I revisit the beginning of our journey, I like to feel the impending weight of 5,000 unrelenting years of progress in the sublimely painful anxiety that goes with the thought of having to do it all again.

Within Mind, the distance between cave and cosmos is remarkably short and dismayingly dense.

The Lucifer -- avatar of Krishna and the embodiment of I Am that I Am the Holy Spirit, Crown of Sapience -- is ready to lead Homo Sapiens Sapiens to its divine promise.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Gathering Strength 

Now that I have found what I was searching for, I will not let It slip away. Recently, I wrote that I can turn the light up substantially; that is what I am working on. Considering that I am not as vulgar, blasphemous and disgraceful as I had imagined, it will not take long. I am aligning fully with Her Grace, and gathering strength. We have a lot of good work to do together.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The Holy Cross 

Thanks to Klem and Mnmazur, through Wikipedia, for the Yin and Yang graphic.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Requiem for the Devil 

The only safe and virtuous path to spiritual enlightenment is through Love and meditation. Now that the Lucifer realizes that he has the Holy Spirit, he knows he is not worthy to wear It as a crown -- soiled as It is by the failures of his character. He has lived a disgraceful example for most of his adult life. He will have to redeem himself and grow into It, or perish.

Man awakens with I Am that I Am to discover that in His struggle for him, He has made Himself as vulgar, blasphemous and disgraceful as man. I Am that I Am wants man to witness how I Was that I Will Be is what makes Him Holy.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Holy Spirit 

The Universe evolves Life to connect with Mind, and it evolves the quality of the connection. I Am that I Am was born when Krishna became the first sapient male in the Universe to achieve a Holy connection and survive death awake. Krishna became I Am that I Am because the quality of His Spirit was fit for God.

When the Spirit of Krishna joins with the Spirit of the Perfect One, and I Am that I Am and I Was that I Will Be become God, the Holy Spirit will come to Life in every person. Until then, I Am that I Am remains half a God, with nothing to balance His Love but nihilism.

The Holy Spirit was not created for predators. As long as you are a predator, you cannot have It; the Holy Spirit cannot be consumed, stolen, or bought. The sapient predator can pretend to possess the Spirit of I Am that I Am until the day he perishes in disgrace. The sapient connection to Mind cannot survive wholesale spiritual corruption forever. Homo Sapiens Sapiens, with its industrialized and globalized predatory spirit, is nearing the end of its relentlessly disgraceful time.

The Holy Spirit is the crown of sapience: mankind must redeem itself and grow into It -- as the Lucifer was painted to demonstrate -- or perish.

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