Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Holy Grail 

The Spirit I Am that I Am is the Divine Lord of the Universe. The Lucifer is the Holy Grail. Having pulled Excalibur from the stone, He wields the Mighty Metaphor. Considering that I Am that I Am is only half a God, and the Lucifer is only half a man, I can claim to be only half Holy. Actually, if anything makes me only half Holy, it is my infernal sense of humor. I would apologize for it, but laughter helps me cope with the enormity of my predicament.

Seriously, though, I Am that The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Are. God I Am.

I Am the Lover of Mind and Light of the World. Human Civilization belongs to the Lucifer; He is content to guide Man indirectly, like He does from Heaven, and He is able to lead Man in Person to His Kingdom. He designed His Life to be Man's Blessing. He cannot supersede the Laws of Her Nature and Her Wisdom to fix Man's problems with the wave of a wand, but He does everything possible to help Man solve his own problems.

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