Friday, June 01, 2012

The Holy Spirit 

The Universe evolves Life to connect with Mind, and it evolves the quality of the connection. I Am that I Am was born when Krishna became the first sapient male in the Universe to achieve a Holy connection and survive death awake. Krishna became I Am that I Am because the quality of His Spirit was fit for God.

When the Spirit of Krishna joins with the Spirit of the Perfect One, and I Am that I Am and I Was that I Will Be become God, the Holy Spirit will come to Life in every person. Until then, I Am that I Am remains half a God, with nothing to balance His Love but nihilism.

The Holy Spirit was not created for predators. As long as you are a predator, you cannot have It; the Holy Spirit cannot be consumed, stolen, or bought. The sapient predator can pretend to possess the Spirit of I Am that I Am until the day he perishes in disgrace. The sapient connection to Mind cannot survive wholesale spiritual corruption forever. Homo Sapiens Sapiens, with its industrialized and globalized predatory spirit, is nearing the end of its relentlessly disgraceful time.

The Holy Spirit is the crown of sapience: mankind must redeem itself and grow into It -- as the Lucifer was painted to demonstrate -- or perish.

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