Sunday, June 24, 2012

King of the Universe 

Now Man knows that God exists, that his soul survives death, and that Mind records everything he experiences. Man also knows that his Soul will be judged for its fitness to receive eternal Life and that he will have to answer to God for his grievous moral offenses.

For a person who has committed a grievous moral offense, the path to Divine forgiveness and redemption begins in life with confession and atonement.

For a person who is considering committing a grievous moral offense, the path to Divine salvation begins with confession. Get help before it's too late. Human nature includes a lifelong struggle to transform and redeem the devil within; it is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is our fate as sapient predators that we must overcome our nature in order to achieve our Divine potential. The individual challenge can be exceptionally difficult and the process of civilization is agonizingly slow and costly, but the reward is nothing less than Mastery of the Universe. It is because of the Divine nature of this struggle that a Human Soul became God.

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