Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Approximately 5400 years ago when my life as Krishna ended and my soul became the Living God, my native species had developed, by Grace alone, an area of beautiful definition and lucidity at the birthplace of my soul and location of my life.

In the temporal projection, it was evident that without intervention, the surrounding chaos would quickly invade and erase the definition and lucidity.

So, I began to meditate on the other areas of my native species, helping to achieve definition and lucidity wherever it was possible. Then I began meditating on the other flowers in my cosmic garden.

Some flowers bloom almost entirely by Grace. With my meditation, the friends I told you about quickly added another dimension to the definition and lucidity their species had achieved.

I intervene because I can.

The Lucifer is my first and final avatar. I am here to establish the "Kingdom" my Son the Christ devoted His life to.

I told you that His avatar is here. He is beautiful, inside and out. He is 48 years old and looks as much like Michelangelo's David as He did nearly 30 years ago when He redeemed My Soul.

The avatar of the Archangel Gabriel, (also known as the man Noah), is here as well. He is 49 years old and looks remarkably like the artistic depictions of My Angel. This is His second avatar; His first was Muhammad.

I will awaken My Son and My Angel when the Pope realizes that he is on the threshold of authentic Divinity.

Many of you are on the threshold of authentic Divinity for one reason or other. It is my policy to have wings for anyone willing to earn them.

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