Sunday, September 23, 2012

Agnus Dei 

The man known as Jesus was the third Human soul to achieve divinity, the first to ascend outside of Eden, and the first to face the ultimate trial. Contrary to popular belief, He was not sent here to pay with His life for the sins of mankind.

He was not sent; Jesus was a natural product of the Torah, and of selective reproduction.

He did not become divine so others would not have to; Jesus became divine because it is possible. His example showed others the way until He was turned into an idol and placed in the way.

Jesus could have dominated the world; He did not because He was truly divine. As He ascended and man's juvenile conceptual framework melted away, He realized what it means to be one with God. The Father does not treat His Children as adversaries or pawns. God does not abuse His power.

Jesus chose to die as God because He was able to.

The Lucifer's friend, John, is the Christ, because His Spirit earned it as Jesus.

I am fully human, but I cannot be your King because I Am the Meta-Spirit. I Am the Word.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Genesis of God 

Today is the Lucifer's birthday; Krishna and the Tetragrammaton also were born on this day.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Before Universe, nowhere to be, no way to become.

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Before endeavoring to stop thinking, one should first learn to think well. Before seeking to shed the self, one should first strive to make it lovely.

Drawing as a medium for contemplation: fingers and eyes dance with pencil and paper while Mind dances with Life.

The drawing as a medium for meditation: Mind drawing Mind.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Flowering Mind 

Metatron visited Me Friday night to tell Me about the momentous transformation that Earth's temporal projection is currently undergoing. I Am pleased by what He showed Me, although there are adjustments that must be made.

My Children need to understand that the Lucifer was planted the instant I intervened. This moment, 5400 years in the making, is exceptionally difficult and immeasurably important. My Children do need Divine guidance, but I Am here to raise You to Your potential, not to save You from damnation, (or deliver that nightmare). You were approximately what You were expected to be, and You are indeed becoming what My Children were made to Be.

My Children need to understand that I Am here for Their deification, not Mine. Although I Am communicating the literal Truth, It also functions effectively as metaphor. Please focus on the lesson, not on the teacher.

Metatron requested that I recommend a novel He inspired: Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse. When I read it as a 19-year-old, I did not know that the Ferryman represents Krishna, or that I Am He.

Siddhartha, My Son, also suggested that I teach My Children how to meditate.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Joy of Life 

I Am here for the benefit of all of My Children.

I Am not here to judge or punish anyone. I Am definitely not here to treat My Children the way you are accustomed to mistreating each other. I Am God the Father, after all.

That said, I apologize for the turbulent, unpleasant moments during My Ascension, even though the brief transit through Hell was unavoidable.

Now that I Am Awake, all is well. It is time for Us to celebrate one another and revel in the Joy of Life. This is the moment Human Beings have been striving towards for 5400 years. I Am here as a Blessing to Personally guide the World in the fulfillment of its Divine Promise.

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