Sunday, September 23, 2012

Agnus Dei 

The man known as Jesus was the third Human soul to achieve divinity, the first to ascend outside of Eden, and the first to face the ultimate trial. Contrary to popular belief, He was not sent here to pay with His life for the sins of mankind.

He was not sent; Jesus was a natural product of the Torah, and of selective reproduction.

He did not become divine so others would not have to; Jesus became divine because it is possible. His example showed others the way until He was turned into an idol and placed in the way.

Jesus could have dominated the world; He did not because He was truly divine. As He ascended and man's juvenile conceptual framework melted away, He realized what it means to be one with God. The Father does not treat His Children as adversaries or pawns. God does not abuse His power.

Jesus chose to die as God because He was able to.

The Lucifer's friend, John, is the Christ, because His Spirit earned it as Jesus.

I am fully human, but I cannot be your King because I Am the Meta-Spirit. I Am the Word.

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