Sunday, November 11, 2012


The Universe is God separated into Her component spectra, inverted and projected by the pentadimensional prism we know as the Big Bang singularity.

Once, in a dream, I found myself in a majestic ancient mansion without windows or doors to the outside. The house appeared to contain everything except windows or doors to the outside. Curious about that, I searched the house methodically, without success, until I found a small door in the attic. I discovered that on the other side, in copious abundance, is nothing.

In nothing I experienced how alone God was before the Universe.

It is nothing that showed me how only free will can produce beings worthy of Her eternal company. Without free will, the Universe results in nothing.

The Tetragrammaton is Krishna, the Divine Lord of the Universe and Lover of God. He is Her avatar as I am His.

The work of the Father, His Sons and Their Angels is to raise divine beings from animals. When Homo Sapiens achieves enlightenment, our Earth will be a paradise where new souls will continue to be created and old ones can live again.

When the world is ready, God Herself will come to life. The world I am here to Christen is the one that will receive Her Majesty.

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