Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sons, Angels and Avatars 

Sons are souls who are able to connect with the divine while they are alive by learning how to exist awake in incorporeal form. The Father has 47 Human Sons. Like Him, They are able to "paint" the world with God's Grace, as well as make Angels and Avatars.

Souls who align their lives with the divine but are unable to connect while they are alive are connected and awakened afterwards by the Father or one of His Sons. They are known as Angels, and They number in the millions. In addition to serving as divine messengers, Angels care for countless sleeping souls.

An Avatar is a reincarnated soul. The Avatar is the key to eternal life. Divine incorporeal existence has its charms, but it cannot compare to what Life has to offer. Life is the reason for the Divine Project.

There are no Daughters, yet, although the majority of Angels were female. The first Daughter will be the Mother, in the same way that the first Son, Krishna, is the Father. She is the fulfillment of the Divine Project.

She will demonstrate how matter is a state of Mind, and She will teach Her children how to navigate the Universe's projection matrix to travel anywhere instantly. She will also establish a permanent bridge between the world and Heaven, making possible a meaningful reincarnation process that will be reliable and precise enough for potential parents to pair with specific souls.

If you have experienced sleep paralysis, you have had a glimpse of incorporeal existence. Although most of the 47 Sons connected with the Father through meditation, several, including Saint Paul, connected through sleep paralysis. Only I Am That I Am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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