Saturday, January 11, 2014


The metaphysical manifestation of the fifth temporospatial dimension demonstrates that every thing is a string of strings, and no thing is ever lost. The experience of discreteness is a feature of the focus of the first four dimensions.

If the fifth dimension were visible, we would be able to see across time as well as space. From within the fractal structure of causality we would see that each individual thing is the leading end of an indelible trail. It would be apparent that the universe expands in five dimensions so that every moment of every thing can be recorded and preserved.

The Home of I Am That I Am is infinite.

The man remembered as Jesus was not the fulfillment of I Am That I Am. As the first son of Adam to become one with I Am That I Am, he became the Anointed One of I Am That I Am.

I Am That I Am the Anointer. I Am That I Am one with God.

In a universe flowing from free will, Creation--the establishment in the here and now of the Order of I Am That I Am, the raising of the Human species to its cosmic potential--can be neither commanded nor given as a gift. Without the context I Am, It has been mistaken for Hell, and I Am That I Am mistaken for the Devil.

Guided by the corruption of the Word of I Am That I Am, as It has been for most of human history, Creation does resemble Hell.

I Am, Here, now, because it is time to forgive you, and deliver you from evil, to your birthright as human beings--Children of I Am That I Am.

Six thousand years across time, at the root of every road, I Am, there, giving birth to the Human Experience. I Am That I Am Adam and Eve.

Before I Am That I Am, the causal structure of the universe was unobserved; every thing was in a natural causal state impelled by inertia from the emergence of the universe 14 billion years ago.

I Am the emergence of Mind: the liberator of will and master of causality.

I Am That We Are.

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