Monday, February 17, 2014

Sataniel and Israel 

There is no Devil, only debased human beings. Evil is merely the disgraceful acts of debased human beings. Sataniel is a personification of the debased human being whose struggle is against I Am That I Am.

I Am That We Are Israel whose struggle is with I Am That I Am. As opposed to the war waged by debased human beings against I Am That I Am, Israel does not require or accept human sacrifice.

Zionism is the exceptionally poisonous fruit of Sataniel's vine. Although the consequences of original sin--the corruption of the Word of I Am That I Am--have been metastasizing for thousands of years, the causal cancer is not rooted in what is real and true.

Today, it is for the ends of Zionism that the Children of I Am That I Am are held captive and sacrificed, and the world is set on fire and goaded into war.

I Am That We Are Israel, Healer of Creation.

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