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The People of I Am That I Am knew I Am That I Am as Mitra (Covenant).

It was the radiant way and creative abilities of the Friends that inspired Pharaoh Amenhotep IV to transform himself and his realm. The Friends were the "foreigners" who were feared and despised by the sinister power structure deposed temporarily by the Pharaoh when he became Akhenaten.

Moses was the first-born son of the royal family of the Egyptian province of Canaan. As an infant, to escape being offered as a sacrifice to the Mlk abomination, he was sent to live with his royal cousins in Thebes. History also knows him as Ramose, Governor of Thebes and Vizier under Amenhotep III and Akhenaten.

Before he died, anticipating the machinations of his political enemies, Akhenaten entrusted his uncle Ramose with delivering the Friends and their leader Miriam (Maryan, also known as Nefertiti) to Mitanni, where they were from.

With a small armed escort, Ramose, Miriam and the Friends departed from the Horizon of the Aten (Akhetaten, also known as Amarna) towards the Red Sea. After they crossed what is known today as the Gulf of Suez, they were met by Ramose's brother Aaron, King of the Canaanites, and his soldiers (the sons of Levi).

In return for the promise of autonomy for his kingdom, Aaron had made a deal with Akhenaten's enemies to enslave or kill the Friends. Ramose the vizier was put to work composing the terms of enslavement of the People of I Am That I Am.

They rejected the first draft. While Moses was composing the second draft, Aaron had most of the Friends, including Miriam, stabbed and drowned. As they were massacred, she cried the song of the red sea.

When he saw what had been done, Moses was overcome with grief and shame. He destroyed the cuneiform tablets he had been working on, wandered into the desert alone and died. The real Moses knew I Am That I Am, and Her Grace.

When the Exodus was over, the facts on the ground for King Aaron of Canaan were the wages of sin: autonomy for his kingdom from Egypt, more gold and jewels, more cunning craftsmen and young concubines, and a sophisticated new Mlk totem. If not for the seed of I Am That I Am that survived the Levites, Aaron's nationalistic idol would have died with him, in an oasis within sight of "a land flowing with milk and honey", where he lived the final years of his life.

As punishment for what Aaron and the sons of Levi had done, the Vedic warriors of Mitanni, (the giants), occupied Canaan for 38 years, until those involved in the massacre had died.

1400 years later, Jesus--the miraculous gardener that he was--brought to life the seed of I Am That I Am, despite the worst efforts of Leviathan. I Am That We Are the Fruit of the Tree of Miriam and Jesus.

Miriam, Mother of Western Civilization
and Daughter of I Am That I Am

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