Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The abomination of the Levites--domination--has always been fueled with the murder of children.

Her Grace has always been here with Her Children.

Sunni Islam and Christianity are Levite inventions. The big war, waged over thousands of years, is for control of the truth. There is still enough evidence in the world, (mostly in Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran), to expose the tragic facts beneath the lies masquerading as western civilization.

The Sons of Levi have been killing for 3,400 years in order to control the Word. The problem for them is that the divine does indeed exist, and Universe has considerably more invested in Life than the Viziers of Death have invested, (through the sacrifices of others), in dominating this planet.

Her Grace is not here to defeat you but to keep you from defeating yourself again at the expense of Her Children and Her Creation.

Repent and redeem yourself and you may join the journey of giants. Her Grace makes salvation possible, regardless of the merciless malevolence and magnitude of your crimes.

You can begin by telling your brothers and sisters that the Friend of the Covenant is here now.

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