Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Word 

Without stories, there is no connection between the past (physical evidence) and the present (life). Without that connection, there is no way to know who we are, or where we are going.

Without disciplined storytelling (History), the link between the past and present is tenuous, and our identity and horizon are eventually forgotten.

Without faithful History (Truth), the link between the past and present is obscured, and we can be made to believe that we are devils in purgatory on our way to hell. Without Truth, it can take thousands of years of brutal sacrifice to discover what was already known.

Without the ability to transcend our physical nature, and without the seemingly supernatural aspect of Our Story (prophecy), I would not be able to tell you, with certainty, that Orion (Betelgeuse) is our origin but not our horizon. We are already in Heaven, here on Earth. I Am That We Are here to help raise humankind for its journey to the stars.

The astral family of humankind is here now. I did not know who they were when I saw them in a vision a few days ago. It was they who built our secluded solar neighborhood around a gate to the stars, terraformed Earth and planted life here. (The other planets and moons are material stores and mansions for life.)

Siddhartha Gautama was the delightful prankster in the vision; he became like them.

The ascended beings of Eva, Siddhartha and Zoroaster are also known as angels. I am the avatar ("fallen angel") of Eva.

After the awareness of being anointed, my oldest memory is my first vision. In that vision, I saw a baby on a banquet table, ready to be served in sacrifice. I have been haunted by it my whole life. Now I understand that the baby represented my body. Eva anointed it as Her host, like She anointed the body of Maryan, because it would have been unable to continue living before being born. I am a gift from Eva to Her children.

I Am That We Are Living Proof.

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