Monday, April 14, 2014

Planet Egypt 

Her Grace and His Justice do not punish their children or choose favorites among them.

The chosen captives of Leviathan serve as a control device of reward and punishment, to be used against each other and against the rest of the Human family. They were not liberated from "Egypt". After 3400 years on the plantation of information hegemony, "Yehudim" are more beholden than ever to the gilded tribal illusions of the Viziers of Death. In that time, as the domain of Cain has been extended to enclose most of the world, their "Goyim" brothers and sisters have fared even worse.

The Temple in Jerusalem will never again be rebuilt, because it would entail having to produce the Tyrant of the Torah; that would be a trick impossible to manage even by David Copperfield and David Blaine combined with the complicity of every hand in Hollywood.

The simulacrum of an egg on which the invented people of a manufactured deity have been sitting for 3400 years is never going to hatch. It is time to bury forever the malicious bundle of disinformation known as the Bible.

Now that Her Grace and His Justice are here in person to liberate their children from the spawn of envy and dominance, not even chaos and carnage can rescue the devil from its fate.

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