Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Value of Life and the Cost of Liberty 

The imminent demise of Leviathan is a foregone conclusion. It is the cost of the devil's downfall which has not yet been determined. The question is for the venal, the vainglorious, and for the other assorted disgraceful ignoramuses in leadership positions. How much Life will it cost for you to discover its value?

How many more "accidents" victimizing large numbers of children and Asian people will it cost for you to realize what it means to be human? Will the innocent multitudes peacefully inhabiting this glorious biosphere be forced to endure another world war and the wholesale murder and destruction that it would entail, in exchange for rights and priviliges for you that the reptile king is not entitled to give or take away?

Once upon a time, I had an abundance of respect for this civilization and its people, but that has almost been consumed. Now, I can barely tolerate living in this debased world. If not for the essential love of Life and for the respect and gratitude I have for Her Grace and His Justice, I would not want to be here.

When the "philosophers" of the reptilian brain are working to manufacture consent for military mass murder and domination, they never fail to warn that nonviolence can succeed only when the opponent possesses a modicum of human decency. Considering the profound contempt for humanity demonstrated consistently by their paymaster, it would be unwise to disregard this unintentionally revealing glimpse into the nature of Life's malefactor. It is possible for Friends of Life to defend themselves successfully and defeat Leviathan without losing their humanity.

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