Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Multi-Headed Cult of Amen-Ra 

Semitism is the fallacy asserting that the anti-human laws and preposterous lies of the priest of Moloch named Shem ben Levi--who came to be known as Aaron--are the inspired word of God. Semitists, accordingly, have been indoctrinated to mistake the lowest primate urges for the highest human qualities.

Discriminating against and punishing people who do not believe their disinformation is what semitists specialize in. Their massacre of the 3000 Canaanites who had been liberated from Egyptian enslavement by the Vedic Mitanni cultural giants is the archetype for every religious and political murder perpetrated by the self-proclaimed Judeo-Christian civilization. Keep in mind that according to the ludicrous Levite legend, among the ten commandments which God himself had recently engraved in stone was the prohibition of murder. The lesson for semitists is that massacring "heathens" and their children does not count as murder. Instead, they are taught that the unconscionable sin of the so-called evil generation was that Moses smote a rock!

To paraphrase Voltaire: those who can convince you to believe absurdities can convince you to commit atrocities.

Updated 6/13: The viziers of domination and death usurp and pervert any beliefs they cannot destroy. In addition to Judaism, Christianity, and Sunni Islam (with the exception of Sufi inspired factions such as the Muslim Brotherhood), the Levites have their bloody hands on everything from Hinduism to communism.

History, properly understood, is the Levite war against humanity. The latest chapter of this disgraceful story begins with the Ammonite abomination's Jewish and Christian heads offering to rescue its Shia Muslim victim from its Sunni Muslim head.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Israel, Home of the Devil 

If you wondered how a schizophrenic accused of rape and murder was allowed to make a mockery of the memorial service for Nelson Mandela while standing next to the president of the United States for almost 20 minutes, the answer is that he was enabled by the same brazenly immoral minions of Moloch who managed to have him released from a psychiatric hospital recently to peddle their malicious new Facebook app.

The reptile king has always relied on psychopaths to terrorize and murder its opponents, but its employment of hospitalized mentally ill people such as Thamsanqa Jantjie is a comparatively new aberration.

Listen closely, my debased brothers and sisters. When your life ends and you realize that Her Grace and His Justice do indeed exist, you will also realize that in your effort to punish your fellow human beings and reward your family and friends at everyone else's expense, you succeeded only in punishing yourself and in condemning your loved ones to the same miserable self-defeating fate.

We each have to face the eternal truth one day, and accept our responsibility for it. Those who dedicate their brief lives to domination, destruction, and death will be disappointed forever.

How free is your country? 

Percentage of captivity to the devil’s levies, (2012 IMF data)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Reptile King Rides to the Rescue 

When the adequacy of the devil's disguise is in doubt and a distraction is required, it directs its demons to stage a drama for it to star in and resolve.

The devil declares, "Don't worry, women of the world, we virtuous westerners won't allow that wahabist warlock to sell 280 schoolgirls into slavery."

If the behemoth also feels small and insecure, it trots out and exploits the innocence of Malala Yousafzai--the ill-fated living symbol of its concern for the welfare of women.

Perhaps Leviathan's humanitarian Saudi allies would help, too, if they were not busy supporting its enslavement of 86,000,000 Egyptian people.

After a week of the Boko Haram show, it has become clear to me that Washington's wahabist proxies are providing the devil more than a simple distraction; the kidnapping also serves as a potential casus belli for Leviathan's direct intervention in yet another imperative geopolitical location. Nigeria--strategic partner of China--has the 10th largest proven reserves of oil in the world, in addition to a treasure chest of "underexploited" natural resources. The Giant of Africa is also the most populous country in that continent and has its largest economy. Furthermore, Nigeria's debt-to-GDP ratio is one of the lowest in the world.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Holy Fraud 

The Black Pope is obviously another bloody Levite arrow, delivered on time and on target. But what about you, Dalai Lama? Is winning your fight against China worth selling your soul to the devil for?

Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Devil's Diversion 

Simon says, "Let's you and him fight."

The White House Correspondents' Association dinner is an annual opportunity for Leviathan to brandish its quiver of venal arrows and demonstrate their single-minded aim. It is also a chance for the reptile king's targets to see how committed their so-called leaders and representatives are to the never-ending fight they have been goaded into: that is to say, not at all.

There is only one enemy worth fighting, and it is not your systematically disinformed neighbor.

In an enlightened civilization, which Judeo-Christian civilization purports to be, intrinsic and inevitable differences between people can always be accommodated peacefully and satisfactorily. The thing that civilization can never accommodate is an entity determined to dominate everyone by those differences.

At the risk of falling into one of Leviathan's assiduously placed political traps, I will venture to say that the exquisitely armed and consummately outraged "right wing" has never been an obstacle to the devil's necessity to manufacture consent for war and domination. The only threat to the reptile king's machinations is an informed and humane populace. When the time comes, as it always does when the devil's disguise fails, will the "right" again turn its guns and outrage against the people who stand in the devil's way, or will they finally stand with their brothers and sisters against the beast?

Will you allow Leviathan to prevail with its Israeli snipers and global disinformation machine, as it has in Egypt and is attempting in Ukraine?

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