Saturday, May 10, 2014

Israel, Home of the Devil 

If you wondered how a schizophrenic accused of rape and murder was allowed to make a mockery of the memorial service for Nelson Mandela while standing next to the president of the United States for almost 20 minutes, the answer is that he was enabled by the same brazenly immoral minions of Moloch who managed to have him released from a psychiatric hospital recently to peddle their malicious new Facebook app.

The reptile king has always relied on psychopaths to terrorize and murder its opponents, but its employment of hospitalized mentally ill people such as Thamsanqa Jantjie is a comparatively new aberration.

Listen closely, my debased brothers and sisters. When your life ends and you realize that Her Grace and His Justice do indeed exist, you will also realize that in your effort to punish your fellow human beings and reward your family and friends at everyone else's expense, you succeeded only in punishing yourself and in condemning your loved ones to the same miserable self-defeating fate.

We each have to face the eternal truth one day, and accept our responsibility for it. Those who dedicate their brief lives to domination, destruction, and death will be disappointed forever.

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