Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Multi-Headed Cult of Amen-Ra 

Semitism is the fallacy asserting that the anti-human laws and preposterous lies of the priest of Moloch named Shem ben Levi--who came to be known as Aaron--are the inspired word of God. Semitists, accordingly, have been indoctrinated to mistake the lowest primate urges for the highest human qualities.

Discriminating against and punishing people who do not believe their disinformation is what semitists specialize in. Their massacre of the 3000 Canaanites who had been liberated from Egyptian enslavement by the Vedic Mitanni cultural giants is the archetype for every religious and political murder perpetrated by the self-proclaimed Judeo-Christian civilization. Keep in mind that according to the ludicrous Levite legend, among the ten commandments which God himself had recently engraved in stone was the prohibition of murder. The lesson for semitists is that massacring "heathens" and their children does not count as murder. Instead, they are taught that the unconscionable sin of the so-called evil generation was that Moses smote a rock!

To paraphrase Voltaire: those who can convince you to believe absurdities can convince you to commit atrocities.

Updated 6/13: The viziers of domination and death usurp and pervert any beliefs they cannot destroy. In addition to Judaism, Christianity, and Sunni Islam (with the exception of Sufi inspired factions such as the Muslim Brotherhood), the Levites have their bloody hands on everything from Hinduism to communism.

History, properly understood, is the Levite war against humanity. The latest chapter of this disgraceful story begins with the Ammonite abomination's Jewish and Christian heads offering to rescue its Shia Muslim victim from its Sunni Muslim head.

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