Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prescription for Friends of Life 

The way to a healthy world is through a sane relationship with Life. To heal the deranged relationship with Life conditioned by the Levite aberration, it is necessary to evaluate the sacrifices made on your behalf and correct those that are unjust.

To begin with, limit the amount of time, money and trust you sacrifice to the Levite media corps. Keep in mind that everything deemed fit by the viziers of domination and death to be seen and heard is a vehicle for their propaganda. Everything--from the military-industrial complex tie-ins of sporting events, to the Antique Road Show's impromptu history lessons, to the stage-managed "revelations" of Edward Snowden the "whistleblower"--is aimed in one way or another at controlling you by shaping your perception. There is nothing in the media, including so-called dissident websites, that can be recommended to Friends of Life.

The Levite world is devised so that people inadvertently pay the cost of their subjugation. In addition to traditional payments in time and trust, the average ostensibly modern person pays thousands of dollars per year for what is effectively propaganda. That is money that can no doubt be used more wisely in this Levite world of organized thievery.

I give Leviathan a view of itself that it has never had. In the metascopic scale, immature living intelligence acts according to existing structures of mechanisms in motion. Metascopic reflection makes it possible for living intelligence to guide itself to maturity to master existence. Without the view we have now, Antipater and Muhammad--despite the brilliance of their spirits--managed only to grow heads on the beast they struggled to defeat. From where they were, they were not able to see that the body of Leviathan is a swarm of captive human beings.

Limit the amount of time and information you sacrifice to websites such as Mark Zuckerberg's Levite fishtank.

Limit the amount of time, money and trust you sacrifice to governments owned and operated by the Levites. In this Levite world of cruel circuses, the difference between the beast's media and political corps is mostly in the quality of their seats.

Pay your debts and stop paying interest for money you do not have. Save your money and buy only what you can afford to pay cash for. Stop using credit cards.

Instead of sacrificing the lives of countless animals for an option on the menu, sacrifice the option on behalf of their lives. Stop eating animals.

Stop spending money in pursuit of metaphysical gems such as self-esteem and love that can only be earned or given freely. Keep in mind that in this Levite world of institutionalized pandering there is at least one industrialized parasite for each human weakness and vice. Do not gamble.

Learn new things. Be creative. Enjoy more time together.

The way to defeat a metascopic monstrosity made of swarms of captive human beings is to liberate the body from the heads of the beast.

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