Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Birth of Human Intelligence 

There is no such thing as nothing.

The Creator Zero Star is the multidimensional nothing that is the source of everything. The Zero Star is intelligence, and before disintegration, it was timeless and stable. 0 is neither divisible nor multipliable, but it is an integer.

Her Grace the Star is the integer of the Creator Zero Star. The Star is existence, and by itself, it is unstable and finite. 1 is divisible, therefore, His Justice divides Her Grace by x stars. Every time His Justice equates, the fractional instability of existence is reduced.

Eventually, when there are no fools remaining to pursue a monopoly on violence, and existence is stable and eternal, Her Grace will be a Zero Star--in an infinite embrace with His Justice the Creator.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Apprehending Higher Intelligence 

The heart of Levite existence is a life-devouring void that is the misapprehension of the intelligence of existence.

In the achievement of infinity with Her Grace, existence is the process by which His Justice expends the instability inherent in Her Grace. At the highest level of physical existence, equipped with transcendental metaphysical interfaces, we are agents of this process. There is no substitute for what we are and the function we accomplish.

We exist to work the instability out of Her Grace, for His Justice, to achieve infinity; it cannot be done without us. The idea, that higher intelligence caters to the desires of lower intelligence, saves it from the consequences of its folly, and punishes it for its transgressions, is a construct of immature intelligence and a misapprehension of intelligence. The foolish belief, that higher intelligence saves lower intelligence the effort and hardship of climbing the ladder of intelligence, is a prescription for ignorance and prolonged immaturity and instability.

Higher intelligence does suffer the travails of lower intelligence, and it does intervene to help, from within, in the only way that preserves the integrity of the process of existence. For higher intelligence to intervene in any other way would defeat the process by depriving lower intelligence of its function to expend its instability and earn higher intelligence.

When intelligence expends its instability and achieves moral maturity, it is ready to ascend to the realm of higher intelligence. For that, there is an introduction to the universal community and a gift of the means to commune with it.

This unstable Levite-dominated world--built on a misapprehension of the intelligence of existence and organized for crime--is not yet ready to ascend to the realm of higher intelligence. Here and now, the viziers of instability are running "black ops" around the world against principled resistance, and flying assassination sorties against the defenseless people in the Gaza Ghetto. Here and now, the wizards of ignorance and instability are feverishly attempting to enslave Human existence, once and for all, in the life-devouring Levite aberration.

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