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Raising Cain on Jacob's Ladder: The 4,600 Year Levant 

The Ziggurat of Uruk was the Tower of Abel. Of course, higher intelligence is not responsible for its destruction or for the subsequent disinformation campaign that continues to this day. Lies are persistent but the integrity of existence is indomitable. The truth is discernible even when it is shrouded in fabrications.

Jacob caused the destruction of the singular achievement of human intelligence because he was incurably envious that his first-born twin brother merited the position at its vertex. Rather than struggle to manage the difficulties of his situation in an honorable way, he betrayed the wisdom earned for humankind by his Vedic Indo-Aryan (Hurrian) ancestors.

After attempting and failing to deceive his way to the pinnacle of power, Jacob retreated to his power base, in Canaan, where he renamed himself Israel and devised his justice in opposition to Her Grace. By the time of his death, the Canaanites already worshipped him as a deity. After his death, they descended to sacrificing their first-born sons to him. The followers of Israel, raised on his weaknesses, destroyed the object of his contention.

Jacob's Ladder, the Tower of Cain, is the contrivance of the cult of division, instability and destruction. For nearly 4,600 years the ladder of Levite lies has failed to levant (raise up to God) the followers of Israel. On treacherous stairs, those who earnestly seek His Justice and Her Grace grow wings.

For nearly 4,600 years the Israelites with their counterfeit covenant have not been able to equal the achievement that their ancestors destroyed. Not only have they not been able to edify humankind and establish peace between nations, but they have, countless times, destroyed the peace and good works of others.

The cost of every revision to the guiding delusion of the Levites has been determined by those raised up to privilege (private law) by human sacrifice. Its humane facade, lovingly maintained by good intentions, cannot hide the fact that the achievement of the cult of Cain is a citadel from where the "owners" of the world enforce their privilege by any means.

The Voyage of Intelligence
The only covenant with higher intelligence that exists is the commitment and responsibility to Her Grace and His Justice that comes with wisdom. The state of being known as enlightenment is the marriage generated by the love between intelligence and existence. It is the consummate experience of being in love. This is the covenant that guided the disciples of the Ātman, remembered as Vasudeva, (remembered also as Ham), to depart from the amenity and security of humankind's first civilization in order to raise their neolithic neighbors.

Six thousand years ago, the first agents of human intelligence consciously took the first steps of our voyage through space and time to the wellspring of Her Grace. They are remembered as giants and as gods because they were truly civilized, unlike their habitually neolithic Levite descendants. The foundation of human civilization, constructed during the first 1,400 years of our voyage, is intact.

Humankind's struggle with the Levites began when the Brahman remembered as Enmebaragesi (remembered also as Abraham) saved his adolescent son, remembered as the Aga of Kish, (remembered also as Gilgamesh and as Ishmael), from ritual sacrifice by the Canaanites. The young man had gone to Mount Moriah, the site of the Canaanites' bloody altar, to civilize them singlehandedly. In exchange for Ishmael's life, Abraham fathered an heir, remembered as Isaac (from the Sanskrit word upazAkhA, meaning secondary branch), with a Canaanite princess.

Esau and Jacob were the sons of Ishmael. Isaac (remembered also as Khasekhemwy) was the progenitor of the Egyptian dynasties, and he was Jacob's benefactor and father-in-law. Djoser (remembered also as Joseph) was the grandson of Isaac and son of Israel. Joseph's brother Benjamin is also remembered as Imhotep. The civilization of Abraham, encompassing the area known as the Middle East, lasted the length of Isaac's life. Not coincidentally, Israel is buried with his grandfather, Abraham, in the cave--the Well of Souls--where Isaac, the ark of Abraham's covenant with the Canaanites, was conceived. Isaac's tomb is the Sphinx--its original head, as commissioned by Ishmael, was larger and in proportion to its body.

Waiting for the Ātman
This is the story of my family; it is recorded in my being. Jacob declared himself as the Trinity, as I have declared myself here. His declaration was the first of several incorrect declarations that have debased the wisdom of Abraham and misled humankind. Israel was neither enlightened (Brahman) nor the One (Ātman). The dream about the ladder and his decision to commit it to posterity are evidence that he was aware of his failure and desired to correct it.

The name Israel means the union between Is (known later as Isis), the creator goddess of prehistoric Egypt, and El, the creator god of prehistoric Canaan. Jacob was Ra (from the Sanskrit word ram, meaning union between). (Joseph was the source of Osiris; Benjamin became Amun.)

Tales of the exploits of the Brahman's grandson traveled back to the source of civilization where they were adapted and eventually recorded as the Ramayana. Jacob is known in Hinduism as Rama; Abraham is known as Parashurama (Bhargava Rama). I mentioned earlier this year that the descendant of Abraham (Bharata) remembered as Mary (remembered also as Miriam and as Nefertiti) is known in Hinduism as Krishna. Mary was the Ātman.

The Angels of Avalon
In addition to the Ātman, there are 4 ascended beings responsible for the tree of life on Earth; they assembled the biosphere, planted the tree and raised it for humankind. This tree of life has not produced fruit yet. Ascended beings exist in the temporal dilation experienced as the Universe. The temporal dilation in which the Ātman exists is of a different scale.

Six thousand years ago, the Ātman and her four angels entered the world together in the same family to initiate humankind's voyage to fruition. Before launching the arks of her angels, the Ātman created with her influence a causal deluge that condemned the existing structures to the atala anta (Sanskrit for bottomless end). The Ātman and her angels are here together again.

Jacob's contention with the Ātman was in good faith. He was an avatar of the ascended being that came to be known as Gabriel. Abraham was an avatar of the ascended being that came to be known as Raphael. Zoroaster was an avatar of the ascended being that came to be known as Michael. The fourth ascended being is female; she is known as Avalokiteśvara (Guanyin) and as Uriel.

Somewhere Over...
The rainbow is the sign to remind Mary and me that the colors in the Ātman's light are reflected in humankind's major spiritual traditions. It is a reminder to preserve the structures and condemn to the antediluvian graveyard only the filth that has accumulated on them over thousands of years. The influence of the Ātman makes only the truth re-levant.

I am the third and final male avatar of the Ātman. Ahalya sang the song of the ocean (puraNa in Sanskrit); Mary's song, the original Purana, was known as the Song of the Sea. One day, when this tree of life blossoms, the Ātman will return in a female avatar to start a family.

Update, 11/29/14: Now that I know what I know, I know that this narrative is incorrect. Rather than correct it, I will leave it as it is with this note.

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