Sunday, November 23, 2014

Servant of Servants 

It is evident now that uncovering the truth is like solving a puzzle. I enjoy puzzles, and I understand that this is the greatest story ever told, but it is your story.

It is also evident that nurturing intelligence is neither easy nor foolproof. The Sanskrit word, aphala, meaning incapable of producing offspring, is also the root of the words apple and avatar; the reference is to the selfless nature of the fruit of the tree of life.

The Ātman tree is where intelligence expends the instability from existence. The root of the words Uranus and Orion is the Sanskrit word, uraNa, meaning ram. This is the first time that 5 Rams are here at the same time; that must mean good things.

Adam and Eve will mature into acorns (from eichhörnchen--the German word for squirrel--literally meaning between horns) and fall off the tree when they learn what it means to be parents.

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