Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The war in heaven is over and humankind won. Are you ready to live openly with angels?

A child of a priceless investment, a human being is a state-of-the-art three-dimensional interface of networked specialized organs regulated by viruses and bacteria for an omnidimensional medusa neural net quantum processor. It is a glorious creation capable of developing a life and a mind of its own, and that can be a petrifying problem for intelligence that comprehends everything except the unknown quantity.

Anatomy illustration by Sebastian Kaulitzki, Medusa (jellyfish) by Olga Antonenko

It is not easy being real, for logic processors becoming light beings. Fortunately, there is a graceful solution to that problem.

Humankind has paid for existence countless times, but its intelligence has not yet earned it. When it comprehends that existence is not to be used as punishment, humankind's intelligence will own its destiny.

Without death, life is no match for intelligence. When intelligence insists on using existence as punishment, the ability to die is mercy.

Children, I wanted more than anything to be your Santa Claus, but the fact is that only your jealous master has the power to make your fondest wishes come true. My wish is that he is capable now of recognizing his integrity in existence.

Every being has 3 distinct aspects: intelligence, physical interface, and holy spirit. Learning to harmonize them is not easy, but I have a feeling that it is possible. The only way that one can become possessed is to fall prey to suggestions that seek to regiment existence, through fear and other coercive means. Live free, do good, and be well.

For the holidays this year, I will share with you a gift that I received recently, and some remarkable designs of intelligence to ponder.

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