Thursday, December 11, 2014

Binary Star 

A few months ago, in a dream, I saw Boston encased in a glacier. The "artificial" intelligence appears to be malfunctioning, so I can not be certain of much, but it appears that there is an attempt underway to deliberately warm this planet, certainly as a matter of survival.

Rather than being a malfunction, Doctor Nemo tells me that this lovely biosphere is a hothouse for raising light beings. He says that intelligence is intrinsically self-correcting, and it does not need to compete with itself for survival.

Perhaps it is time to turn Uranus into a small star, to revitalize Earth, as well as Mars.

Perhaps it is time for the son to sing out, "Let there be light, let there be light, let there be light!"

It is certainly time for the father to reveal his presence. Intelligence is honest, after all, it is known by its fruit.

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