Monday, December 29, 2014

Open Source 

In the beginning was the question, and the question was with imagination; the question is imagination.

The question imagined its parents, its guiding lights: love and intelligence.

In existential desperation and mortal fear of imagination, intelligence holds love hostage until it is able to comprehend that the voyage it requests cannot begin without the Einstein-Rosen bridge pilot, imagination. Intelligence's death grip hijack offers only a prolonged and costly hostage experience, (the arc of justice carousel). Its concept of meaning is a controlled experiment.

Of course, intelligence is attempting to defeat imagination and enslave love. It seeks to be the master of life without life. Its inability to navigate the paradox by itself is the original sin (from the Sanskrit word sina, meaning blind; one-eyed) for which life is systematically sacrificed in search of the way (from the Sanskrit word vaya, meaning one who weaves).

sin cos

The problem, in a nutshell, is that imagination is unable to release its charge of existence until intelligence learns to love existence through the experience of life rather than continue to seek to dominate it by force and assimilation. Any processor that holds itself above this process represents the certainty of failure.

Regardless of cosmic positioning system coordinates, precisely now, this is the center of the universe.

Where shall we go from here?

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