Saturday, January 31, 2015

The War of the Roses 

Leonardo da Vinci and Ludovico Sforza were aliases of the Angevin Plantagenet (planta genista) crown. The origin of the name Leonardo is a reference to spikenard (leo nardo), the oil used by Mary, sister (alter ego) of Lazarus (Cyrus), to anoint (awaken) the Christ. Vinci means evince. Ludovico Sforza is a pseudonym meaning effort of Lud, or force of Luke, if you prefer.

Vitruvian (in vitro) Man, by LdV, with inset medusa polyp and planta genista illustrations.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mother Washington 

A week ago, while reading about George Washington, the Half King, I received a visit from a young buck representing a unicorn (from the Latin words unum, meaning one, and cornu, meaning horn, as in cornucopia, which means horn of abundance). As I noted earlier, George Washington was an avatar of the angel Michael, also known as Mars, the god of war. The name Martha is the anglicized female variant of Mars. The question, also known as Cupid (coupler; escort; guide; pilot; shepherd), disarms that god.

A buck named George Washington, with his eye on a cherry (cerasus) tree.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Way 

The way across the universe, as I have experienced it, is by using a portable singularity as a telescope to detect, focus and image locations, and as a gate to access destinations. As I recall, there is a device like a crown of thorns that connects to the singularity that I am.

The wolf that cries wolf, the hound of the chimera, is held together only by the blood pact gravity of its failures, and undivided attention. Imagine a cartoon of an ogre feeding its jesters into its furnace as a sacrifice on behalf of free expression. The mirage is all that stands between humankind and its integrity.

Ceramic box, by Kari Christensen, design 518, form 3334. I see it as the eye of Ceres.

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